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Our Terms & Conditions will govern your entire participation on , a website where you can play slot games for free with no real money.

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Explanation of Terms:

Website refers to or any derivate of the mentioned website.

Participate or Participation and any other derivative, without limitation, refers to visiting the website, playing our free games, and/or any use of the website.

We, Us, and Our refers to, the owners and the operators of the play for free games and/or website and the companies in business and/or related to, their top executives, officers, employees, contractors, representatives, agencies, agents and/or distribution companies.

Your Jurisdiction refers to the jurisdiction from where you are presently participating and/or using’s Services.

Registration: You are not required to register to use the Website or any Services. The play for free slots with no real money does not redirect to any external links. The Website is for entertainment purposes only, so you will not be redirected to access third-party websites.

Eligibility: Participating and playing at is your own decision, at your own discretion and risk. Only players who are of legal age in their jurisdiction should play on You may only play and use our Services if you are of legal age in your jurisdiction and if your jurisdiction allows it from a legal standpoint. We cannot be held accountable for the legality of your participation based on the laws of Your Jurisdiction.

The Service: The Service and/or Services offered at are provided “As is”. We cannot be held accountable, and we make no warranty or representation regarding the quality, purpose, completeness, or accuracy of the Service and any software used for offering the Service in discussion. We are not responsible for any computer malfunctions, telecommunication failure, bad internet connections, and/or any attempts to use Our Services via methods or means not intended or suggested by Us.

  • Introduction

    1. The Terms & Conditions govern your entire access to and use of Our Website ( ) and all the other related no real money services we offer.
    2. can be referred to as “reelrushgames,” “We,” “Us,” “Our,” or some other similar name, based on context. The current Terms & Conditions will refer to you, the player, as the “customer,” “you,” “Player,” the “player,” or by any other similar term, based on context.
    3. Using our Website and/or software states that you agree to our Terms & Conditions and any other Terms & Conditions that We consider fit to impose/add/or change at any time.
  • Change

    1. We have the right to remove, suspend, modify or add content to the Website at any time, at our sole discretion, with immediate effect, and without any prior notice. We cannot be held accountable for any losses incurred due to the changes we make, and you are not allowed to have any claims against us in this regard.
  • Copyright

    1. We own all the non-third party content present on Our Website, including, but not limited to, copy materials, text, trade or Service marks, graphics, animations, videos, music, audio, logos, icons, designs, and images (‘Copyright Material’).
    2. You are not allowed to reprint, republish or reuse any of our materials without our express written permission. Players have no copyrights to our materials and are not allowed, in any way, to use them without our written approval.
  • Limitation of Liability

    1. and the owners and operators of the play for free casino and Website and/or any companies related to , and any of their respective directors, officers, employees, contractors, agents, representatives, agencies, or distribution companies are under no circumstances, including but not limited to negligence, liable for any type of damages whatsoever, or for any lost amounts, under any theory of contract, tort, negligence, strict liability and any other form of agreement. Should you be dissatisfied with any parts of our play for free casino, or Services, your sole remedy is to cease your participation in and any other related Websites or Services. Our liability will, in no event whatsoever, exceed the amount you have paid, if any, for your participation in any of our Services.
  • Indemnifications

    1. By using any of Our Services, you agree to indemnify , the owners and operators of the play for free casino and website and/or any companies related to , and any of their respective directors, officers, employees, contractors, agents, representatives, agencies or distribution companies against any claims, demands, actions, causes of action, damage, loss, deficiency, cost, liability and expense (“Claims”) which may be brought against us or which we may suffer from any breach of our Terms & Conditions, and/or arising from your participation and/or any related activity. The nature of your participation in our Services shall include, but not be limited to: visiting, using, reusing, or any other activities conducted in connection with the play for free casino and our Website; using or reusing any materials from, or obtained from, the play for free casino and our Website or any other source; entering, using or reusing the servers of the play for free casino and Website; using or reusing the software used for the delivery of the play for free casino and the Website, whether downloaded from the play for free casino and/or our Website or by any other methods or through any other medium or source;
  • Entire Agreement, Modifications, and Amendments

    1. The current Agreement constitutes the entire agreement governing the relation between both parties in regards to the matters contained herein. It supersedes all the other previous agreements, proposals, communications, and terms, both written and/or oral, between and You.
    2. You have the right to immediately terminate this Agreement if any modification we make, at our sole discretion, is deemed unacceptable by You. Using our website in any way after this agreement has been published, amended or modified, constitutes your agreement to any new terms added and/or removed terms.
    3. Terms & Conditions are subject to changes due to international and internal regulatory requirements. We are not obliged in any way to give You notice of such changes. However, you are obliged to constantly review our Terms & Conditions link on regularly.
  • Severability

    1. Should any provision part of this governing agreement between the parties be deemed, found, and/or declared to be invalid or unenforceable by any court or competent authority having jurisdiction, that will not invalidate or have any effect on other provisions of the agreement.